Solo Bassoon

MM5 MARCUS BLUNT Caprice and Scotch Song
"Short and showy, it would be a good recital piece." (Double Reed News)
MM431 MARCUS BLUNT 50 Favourite Tunes

Two Bassoons

MM43 MARCUS BLUNT Canons and Jiglets
"... They will make excellent teaching / performing material ... for pupils at about Grade 5 level." (Double Reed News)

Four Bassoons

MM115 MARCUS BLUNT Bayford's Bestiary Score and parts £6.00

Bassoon and Piano

MM44 MARCUS BLUNT Lorenzo, the Much-Travel'd Clown
"... a characteristic and substantial piece." (Double Reed News)
Score and part £6.00
JUDITH BAILEY Scherzo for John Score and part £4.50
JOHN MITCHELL Regency Relic Score and part £6.00

Bassoon and Clarinet

FRANK BAYFORD Sonata for clarinet and bassoon, Op.15 Playing Score £4.80
FRANK BAYFORD Scherzo Buffo, Op.41b
Score £4.50

For Mixed Instrumental Ensemble pieces including Bassoon
please see Chamber Music section.

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